Thursday, July 11, 2013

Things I've learned/done tonight:

1) The 3D picture files taken in 3D mode appear to be significantly smaller than a single image (and distorted differently)  Trying to run Matlab on one of these images has huge error, poor resolution, different aspect ratio, and probably would need its own calibration.  Definitely a mistake to run one of these through Matlab.

2) We have a bad control point measurement from D to K from our indoor stream, Matlab told me this had huge error, and when I go through and use the 1 square = 1 foot I get that we're off by 10 inches.  Adjusting it by 10 inches makes Matlab happy. 

For our indoor stream we can go back and check it tomorrow, not a big deal.  If this were to happen with a control point length out in the field, we can't check it.  Justifying throwing it out is very hard.  It adds error to every one of our methods, so we need to be extra careful. 

I propose we do all of the control point measurements twice, separately.  Separate notebooks, different groups (or role in group), etc. Then we can check them against each other before we remove any control points from the site. 

3) We also had a successful trip to Menard's. 

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