Monday, July 8, 2013

Programs to build 3D models or export point clouds

Various Programs to export the Photosynth point clouds

Synthexporter- Supposed to export the point clouds from Photosynth by utilizing the URL of the synth. My attempts have all been futile as every time I have tried to extract the point cloud I have come up with an error every time. Even when I tried the synth of others who claim that it worked. Nevertheless I have yet to succeed at extracting the point cloud.

ARC 3D- Is a web based service where you can upload your photos too and it attempts to build a 3D model of your photos and then send the model back to you using various exporting software. My experience with this is okay, it apparently worked and sent my photos back to me in three different forms, but I was only able to access one of them which also only looked like a gothic version of a Hugin rendering.

Various Programs to build a 3D Model from photos

VideoTrace- Is a program to build a 3D model based on a video of the object. It is currently in beta mode so I got it for free to test it out. It appears to be the most promising software to use to construct a 3D model from a group of images, but with it being a beta software it lacks sufficient tutorials,approximately 9 so far.

Meshlab- Is a program where it can take multiple images and construct an 3D model out of it. It is an open-source program, but so far I have not been able to export any photos to build a model. I will continue to work at it, but so far it isn’t very hopeful.

Photomodeler- It is a program that has two versions: Photomodeler and Photomodeler Scanner, the latter is more applicable to our use. It works by taking images and based on the points in those images it builds a mesh of the image. It has proved successful in my attempts with their samples, but it only works with very low angle shots and lots of overlap, which the overlap is fine, but the low angle shots at almost a 90 degree angle might prove difficult. Also the full version costs in excess of $3000, with the demo only lasting 30 days, so that might also become a challenge.

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