Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Camera Calibration (radial distortion)

I've been using Agisoft Lens to get out radial distortion parameters.  This software uses Brown's distortion model, which we've put into Matlab for variables K1,K2, and K3 (the primary radial distortion parameters).  The Silver camera and my Nikon worked very nicely, but the red camera keeps giving me an odd graph with a non-continuous derivative.  The numbers that come out from different sets of calibration pictures are inconsistent and the error associated with control points when I use these values is larger than for either of the other cameras (both silver and my Nikon are under 2% error, we should test more pictures too).  I should also try the silver camera again tomorrow to make sure it continues to calibrate in the same way.  This is baffling and may mean we want to use the silver camera for the square method pictures.  We may also want to try some other cameras just to test our method since "red" seems to be failing.   

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