Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Powerpoint Thoughts

I just finished compiling PowerPoint slides of the GUI I have been creating and realized that without a live demo of the program the PowerPoint is best with just pictures and me tying them all together during the presentation.  Perhaps a live demo will be possible, not sure as of yet but it is definitely worth considering.


  1. That might be good, especially if we can create a version that doesn't require netbeans. I don't think we can get programs installed on the computer we're running easily. We'd need to create a ppt we could use without a demo as back-up and then try to get it working with the demo before the presentations start.

    Another option would be a screen capture video of you demoing the program that could play in the powerpoint. If you figured out how to make such a video, David could also make a video of photosynth.

    We'll also want to see how long the presentation is getting, make sure we have time for a demo.

  2. Easy. I used CamStudio v2.7. This allow a full screen capture with no sound and outputs the videos by default in a .avi file. Of course the video can always be editing in Windows Movie Maker.