Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New Site?

After visiting the second potential site for our field day experiments, I thought a lot about the pros and cons of each site. I've come to the conclusion that I think the new site would be a better alternative to Duck Creek. A few points that caused me to draw this conclusion were the easier access to both sides of the bank, the shallower depth of the water (providing the option to revise the cross-sectional method), the presence of the bridge, the narrower meandering stream which would be greatly beneficial when measuring cross sections and distances between control points, and the banks being at a more even level with the water (since were not sure how depth effects the ability to perform perspective correction). However, the cons I thought of were the mysterious black tarp, the increased number of bugs, and the shade/sun contrast the could be present in our pictures.

Also, I'm excited to see if the creators of My3Dscanner reply tomorrow with the 3D images to see if this free online program would provide any additional benefits that Photosynth does not already provide.

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