Wednesday, July 10, 2013

GUI 7/10/2013

The program now works by loading in two image files both of the same image.  For example if the image taken was of DSCN0152 there would be a DSCN0152points.png and a DSCN0152outline.png to load in.  The points png includes the red control points and the yellow square corners and the outline png includes the magenta stream outline. Upon the clicking of the done button on the GUI the program writes to four different text files: one which stores the filenames, corner A-D locations, sideLength, HFOV (miscInfo.txt), another which stores the yellow pixel locations (squareCorners(YELLOW).txt), and two more which store the red and magenta pixel locations (outline(MAGENTA).txt), (controlPoints(RED).txt).  The reason for the various text files is so that MATLAB can more easily read in the necessary data.


  1. Great! Are the text files you just sent me in the most recent format? I haven't opened them yet, but will soon. Have you read anything about what formats are easy to read into MATLAB? Maybe you and Forrest have worked on this. MATLAB is basically ready to try reading stuff in from your files, so we're getting close o the "square method". After we get these connected it will just be how we combine multiple images that is a big issue... This is exciting!

  2. BTW, I think you may have forgotten to add and/or commit the stuff in the SampleImages folder...