Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Further Field Day Photos & Narrative

Of course, we were all too tired yesterday (after 12 hours wading in Blackhawk Creek) to post photos & stories to the blog.  So belatedly, here are a few more photos to paint a picture of the day:

We juggled clipboards.

We measured distances and put up signs.

We were careful not to bump our heads on beams.  Okay, okay, some of us were careful, and others of us suffered.
We assembled large wooden squares...

...and got some unexpected help moving them around!

We took pictures.

We took more pictures.
(For the insatiably curious: 1. no, we didn't see any deer, and
2. yes we did have prior approval from Davenport Parks & Rec.)
We took even more pictures.
We took yet even more pictures.

Sometimes we even took random artsy photos of yellow rope.  (Okay, okay, I guess only I did that.

We toted the square around more.  Turns out we *can* do it without construction workers' help.

We synchronized our cameras to our clipboards.

We synchronized our stomachs to Subway sandwiches (while fending off a few biting flies).  That reminds me  that I forgot to take any pictures of the infamous nettle patch.  Oh well.

We tossed large wooden squares off of bridges.  (Carefully).

And toted them around *in the muddy water*.

We filled up our boots with water and emptied them again. 
Okay, okay, only Michelle did that, but she did it often enough to count for the rest of us. 

We hammered in posts.

We performed the ancient Blackhawk Creek square dance, wherein one must perform acrobatic feats to avoid tripping over yellow ropes and getting drenched in muddy water.  (We all did that, but only David's dance steps were properly caught on camera.)

"Sometimes floating is better than toting" -- you can quote me on that.

Happiness is...

... a productive day of field work.
(Or have we all just been preconditioned to "smile for the camera" from an early age?)

Forrest and his macro lens gets distracted by some pretty flowers.

And other things.

We beautifully aligned poles (even though the tall one Kyle is holding here always wanted to lean a bit.)

And after much, much more measuring, we all went home exhausted... but cheered by the prospect that we had done a good enough job that we wouldn't have to do it all over again!


  1. I definitely laughed out loud at some of the captions, especially the hitting our head on the beam one. Good times, good times.

  2. His square dance comment was probably my favorite. I liked your title as well, Michelle.