Thursday, June 20, 2013


Today I spent the majority of my time looking at a new piece of software called uPhotoMeasure which has been recommended by NASA and cNET.  This software allows measurements to be taken from photographs once a scale in the picture has been ascertained.
The above photograph is a picture of the tape stream outline which we taped on the floor to practice identifying the stream outlines.  You can see a 1X1 square by the top-right corner of the image which has been used as a scale to measure all other parts of the photograph.  This program has applications where straight line, circular, and square measurements are needed, however, when looking to measure a curving stream it might not have a good application. This program came with a seven day free trial because the full version costs $250.


  1. Was it able to tell that the closer square (which is bigger in photo) was the same size as your smaller square or would this be to use after correcting or perspective? (Nice image!)

  2. It appeared to have the same measurements, but I believe it would still be best to use post perspective correction

  3. this looks awesome! maybe we could get around the $250 by downloading it on different computers. This seems like it would be great if we could figure out how to make an accurate grid in the stream.