Thursday, June 20, 2013

Proof that Hugin can correct perspective (at least in some cases)

I realize Hugin wasn't the best experience (kind of a pain, not always intuitive, and didn't always work for unknown reasons).

But... I wanted people to know that it isn't a complete waste.  It *can* do perspective correction decently well, at least in some cases, although sometimes it took a little fiddling with settings on my part.

Each of the following used about 7-9 carefully placed control points (horizontal and vertical line segments).  I had to optimize several times, and sometimes I had to "reset" the
"camera and lens" settings if the optimizer got too far off on choosing lens parameters. Also, you need to follow the tutorial closely, in terms of setting the output to be rectilinear, etc.

1. Before


2. Before

2. After (def. not perfect -- see top horizontal line)

3. Before

3.  After

I also tried to get Hugin to combine a panorama out of several shots from the silver camera, but this failed.  However, I think Kyle got Hugin to successfully do a panorama of something.
Kyle's image combination

It could be that we'll need to be careful to have plenty of overlap when we take pictures, to get generate a good panoramic/combined image.  It could also be that the settings need to be different when the camera position moved between shots, not just the angle the camera was pointing.

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