Thursday, June 27, 2013

Field Work Day 1.....Complete!

Today we moved our brainstorming to action. We constructed an 8'x8' square to be placed near the surface of the stream. The square served the purpose of ensuring that horizontal and vertical lines were present in our pictures because these lines are necessary in our Hugin photo processing software. Upon arriving at our Duck Creek site, we were surprised to see how much the water level had risen and spread since the first time we visited almost two weeks ago. The high waters eliminated most of the sand bar banks that we had hoped to use for anchoring our square and accuracy test objects. We managed to anchor the square at the top of the banks but objects for the accuracy tests could not be placed at a point that they could be seen in each picture. The accuracy tests were intended to compare known distances of specific objects to the distance between them in pixels in order to determine a inches/pixel ratio after perspective correction. The differences between calculated ratios would be an indication of the accuracy of the perspective correction. We discussed the procedure of this method and came up with some ideas that we will use again and some ways to execute the project differently. Here's to hoping the water level lowers before our next trial run with field work!

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  1. We went and looked at the stream running through Sunderbruch Park last night. It's smaller, but still has no good areas to stand near it and has steep banks. As the water level goes down it might be promising. It's smaller and has a small meander shape. (and still is near parking and bathrooms)