Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hugin seems to work sometimes, we're struggling with getting all of the pictures to correct and wish we had more known values in our stream to check our results with, but here is an example picture turning into bank.  I did a picture taken close to our square.  Michelle created a cool one from the bridge that shows a lot more bank.  Hugin is still looking promising, but is very frustrating....

Example of Hugin correcting picture


  1. I'll let Forrest take the credit for the picture, he did the hard part. I am hoping to take what he showed me and create one with similar success though :)

  2. A joint effort then. One potential task for today is to try to create several corrected squares and see if we can combine them to make a bigger outline, or compare them to see if they are consistent.... That task lines up well with your hugin goal.